For some time an alternative to conventional therapies has existed for treatment of osteoarthritis or injury to muscles, tendons and ligaments. With the help of so-called Autologous Conditioned Plasma (ACP) pain associated with osteoarthritis can be relieved and the healing of musculoskeletal system injuries is accelerated. A series of various interrelated processes in the body takes place during the healing process of injured tissue.

These processes are controlled by the so-called growth factors, signal substances, which are released by blood platelets or thrombocytes. An injury will cause activation of the thrombocytes that are constantly present in the blood. They release growth factors at the site of the injury in order to start and promote the healing process. This effect can be reinforced specifically after the body’s blood is properly conditioned.

For ACP treatment a small amount of blood is taken from the brachial vein by means of a specially developed double syringe. Thereafter, the blood is separated through centrifugation. Here, the portion of blood that contains the body’s own regenerative, anti-osteoarthritis and anti-inflammatory elements is separated. Then this part of the blood is removed using the double syringe. As a result, the active elements of the blood are ready for injection into the affected area. The injected blood platelets now begin to release growth factors into the affected area. These growth factors support the healing and regenerative processes. The double chamber system enables both the sterile collection of blood and the sterile injection of growth factors which provides protection against infection. It has been proven that both the number of thrombocytes as well as the concentration of growth factors significantly increases when using the ACP method. Numerous examinations have confirmed in recent years the positive influence this method has on stopping the progression of pain and promoting the healing process.

ACP Tendo

ACP Tendo is an advancemet of ACP. The ACP Product is combined with Collagen from a Tabaco plant and therefore, it only needs one application. Because of that, there is a long-lasting effect over weeks and you need no further injections. However, there are not that many studies as we have for the classic ACP Product. ACP Tendo is already usable for the following indications:

All types of tendinopathies:

  • Epicondylitis

  • Patella tendon

  • Achilles tendon

  • Supraspinatus tendon (Rotator cuff)

  • Plantar fasciitis

Possible risks and side effects of treatment:

  • Bleeding

  • Increased pain after application, usually short-lived

  • Infections (very rare)